Denmark Hill Bus Lane Improvements

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We would like your views and ideas on proposals to improve bus journey times along Denmark Hill.

The bus lanes are on a hill in this section and it has been observed that cyclists can hold up buses, as the lane is currently too narrow for buses to safely overtake cyclists travelling up the hill.

In order to improve this, we are proposing to widen some sections of the bus lane between Champion Hill and Sunray Avenue, with priority given to the uphill sections. These proposals should improve journey times for passengers using the 42, 68 and 468 bus routes. By making bus travel more reliable, this supports Transport for London's Healthy Streets indicator: 'People choose to walk, cycle and use public transport'.

To widen the bus lane and still maintain the carriageway width for other vehicles, we plan to

  • remove the central reservation by Ruskin Park
  • remove the traffic island by Blanchedowne
  • remove the central hatching road markings

To improve conditions for pedestrians, we plan to

  • Replace the staggered crossing by Champion Hill with a straight crossing on a raised table
  • Improve footway surface around new raised crossing by Champion Hill/ Ruskin Park
  • Provide drop kerb and tactile paving at the informal crossing by Deepdene Road

We will also be extending the low level planting by Ruskin Park.

Please see the plans of these proposals below.

We would appreciate your views on these plans, and whether there are any issues that we should take note of.


November 10th, 2019 10:00


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